A new and great combination: Facebook and Television

A new and great combination: Facebook and Television

The great social network Facebook is aimed at the fashion of producing series on television, the goal is to create a grid of quality television programs that take viewers to the video tab of the platform.

Ricky Van Veen and Mina Lefevre, the executives hired to perform this task, have concentrated their efforts on short and long formats that can reach a broad spectrum of the population as well as audience niches defined by their common interests or cultural tastes.

With a focus on audiences in the 17-30 age group, Facebook has already lined up a relationship drama called “Strangers” and a game called “Last State Standing,” according to the report.

The network is looking for dating programs, talk shows and other series to boost its video channel and find new ways to offer advertising. In addition, it has closed deals with video producers such as BuzzFeed and Vox Media to create other types of shorter programs.

Amazon and Netflix have been producing original content for years and Youtube recently started investing in projects for its YouTube Red payment service. Apple also launched its first television series, Planet of the Apps, in June and even Twitter is buying programs like the aftershow Game of thrones, a space that until now was emitted in HBO.