Cineo’s new HSX

Cineo’s new HSX

If you are looking for quality in your productions you will discover the new Cineo HSX two-color luminaire, high power and precision, controllable by DMX or WiFi

This compact luminaire reaches 25,000 lumens and thanks to the technology of Color Tunable based on phosphorus remote offers an exact reproduction of the colors and skin tones.

The new HSX from Cineo with a maximum consumption of 400 watts and reaching up to 25,000 lumens. It has an opening angle of 150 degrees, is an ideal source for study and also for other locations, due to its size and portability.

Bicolor, with temperatures between 2700K and 6000K (modulable by presets or potentiometer), this light source can be controlled locally, via DMX (XLR) or Wifi with Lumen Radio. They are functionalities that provide the user with total control over the equipment, which becomes a very versatile and adaptable tool for every need.

It is a luminaire with impressive light quality, thanks to the Manufacturer’s Color Tunable technology based on the remote phosphor, which reverberates at high levels of CRI and TLCI and an exact representation of the colors and tones of the skin.

Equipment that uses this technology hardly shows significant changes in color reproduction after 50,000 hours of use. Undoubtedly, a very option to take into account if you are looking for quality in your audiovisual productions.