“Through the wildnerness”, Almeria-Spain, 20 episodes for ZDF / Kika TV, 2017

“Through the wildnerness”, Almeria-Spain, 20 episodes for ZDF / Kika TV, 2017

Durch die Wildnis KIKA TV (Through the wilderness) / Reality/Documentary

For Germany´s children television Kika TV (state television). Reality/Documentary.
The big adventure of their lives. Six teenagers living 20 days in nature, sleeping in tents under the sky, mastering challenges every day. There were no winners as it is more an educational program. A coach shows them every day wanders of nature and explains them the next challenge, like crossing a valley with a flying fox. Like cleaning water from the desert to make it drinkable…

Every day we had to shoot one episode that lasts 24 minutes. It is screening from September 2017 onwards. One episode a day. At 20:10h prime time.

Bonitaworld were the local service provider. Markus Ruf the local producer.
With our local team of outdoor experts, drivers, catering, location scouts, we organised the entire shoot in the region of Almeria. In total we were 32 crew members and the 6 teenagers. With direct contacts to the local offices and ministries, we had to get several permits for every day. From the environment department, town halls, the ministry for the coastline, train station, private terrains. It was a huge task and it was not easy at all. But in the end we managed to have all the necessary permits.

The shoot was organised in two shifts. The early shift starting around 6:30 and the late shift, starting at around 15h, taking into account 1-1,5 hours travel to the camp of the teenagers.
There, in the middle of nature we had to organise catering for the early and late shift. Most of the time in the middle of nowhere. A huge challenge for the cooks who served to the crew. And as we know, the happiness of a crew goes through the stomach.

We had 22 shoot days, 3 off days and the crew stayed over this period of time in 2 hotels to limit travel time to the set. The teenagers really stayed all this time in their tents, obviously with a trained educater and a local outdoor expert present.

Location scouting and pre-production: 3 months

Main crew: 8 camera operators, 4 sound operators, 1 director working with a team of 4 second directors, 2 set coordinators, drivers, caterers,….

Here some location pictures: (so far, for privacy reasons, we can not show any making of pictures).



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