Hi Markus
Great working with you on this! Thanks for all your help on the day. The teleprompter system worked well and felt quite natural. I’ve had a look at the footage and it looks great. It will really add to the piece.  If we need Spanish crew for any future projects I’ll be sure to let you know.
Kind regards

Sept. 2020

Mary McBrian

Series Producer, Rare TV

“I am writing to recommend the services of Bonitaworld.” I have been using Bonitaworld  to support our video production needs in and around Barcelona for the past ten years, and have always been completely satisfied. They do an excellent job, are always punctual, and offer a good range of equipment and skilled crew at some of the most competitive rates in town. We have also hired them on occasion at the very last minute for extra projects, ENG work, 4k – HD, Producer, Directors, transportation scouting etc They have been very accommodating to our requirements and we have always been delighted with their professionalism and customer service ” I’m happy to recommend the services of Bonitaworld. Simon Wall Chief, Operations Officer, Decisive Media Limited, telecomtv.com, Sept 2018

Simon Wall

Chief Operations Officer, Decisive Media Limited, UK

Markus Ruf served as my local producer on a 90 minute, prime-time special about Barcelona which I directed for Canal Plus in France. This was not your run-of-the-mill documentary; it involved the hiring of actors, extras, props, special effects, costumes, and numerous long shooting days with multiple locations. Through it all Markus and his team at Bonitaworld handled it all with calm professionalism and a ‘can-do’ spirit. He supplied me with top researchers, camera operators, and sound engineers who could function in any language I needed – in my case English and French. I cannot recommend Makus and Bonitaworld highly enough. I make programs all over the world and know how difficult it is to find top quality production services on location. Markus Ruf is someone you can definitely trust to get the job done – and somehow he always does it with enthusiasm and a smile. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at: Peter Stuart [email protected] Markus – I mean every word of it. I’m about to start shooting the Seoul, South Korea show and wish I had you here!

Director Peter Stuart

BABA de Barcelone, Canal +

We engaged the services of Bonitaworld to assist in the production of the TVC, and it was by far the most important decision that we made in the entire production process. Having to coordinate the information for the TVC shoot from Beijing would have been impossible with out the assistance of Markus Ruf as we faced dual pressures of late production request and preparation and the difficult nature of the shoot location (shooting in a small space inside the AC Hotel in Madrid. Markus’ proved invaluable in helping liaise with the venue including visiting the hotel and also sourcing additional locations of his own intiative, his astute selection of the production crew and the sourcing of the technical equipment as well as his foresight in identifying potential production issues proved crucial to us in producing a quality TVC. During the production, the team was professional, respectful and efficient, allowing us to achieve our production desires and ensure that the players were comfortable and enjoyed the shoot experience. Having worked with numerous production skills during my career in PR and marketing, I was pleasantly impressed by the services provided by Markus and the Bonitaworld team. I would have no hesitation in engaging Bonitaworld to produce content for China Open should the need arise in the future and would strongly recommend Bonitaworld as a production partner to other organisations. Best regards, Stephen Duckitt.

Producer Stephen Duckitt

ATP China Open Commercial, Chinese Market

“It was great working with you and I really enjoyed our evening sampling Pinchos.  We’ll call you next time we are in Spain! Patrick Odom, StoryView LLC, USA, Sept 2018″

Patrick Odom

Producer, StoryView LLC

推荐信 Recommendation Markus和他的团队非常专业,从前期沟通到现场执行都很有效率。在马德里的短短三天内协助我们完成了大量拍摄工作,确保我们的广告片顺利完成。由于我们的拍摄非常特殊,需要在很短时间内完成多个国际大牌球星的拍摄,对拍摄质量要求也很高,Markus的团队出色地完成任务。如果下次去西班牙拍摄,希望仍然与Markus合作。 Markus and his team are very professional. We communicated very efficiently from the beginning to the end. They helped us finish the hard shooting work during short three days and to make sure our advertising artwork was successful. Actually our job was very special because we had to shoot several huge tennis stars in a very short time. And everything should be ready for a high quality. Markus and his team did an excellent job. We are happy to work with him again if we go to Spain next time. 推荐人:雷载兴 Lei Zaixing 2012中国网球公开赛广告片摄影总指导 DOP of 2012 China Open TVC

DOP Lei Zaixing

ATP China Open, Chinese Market

“Hey Markus, I enjoyed working with Jose. He was creative, had a great attitude, worked hard, and was a lot of fun to hang out with. He was a great guy and I appreciate everything he did to help with this video. And thank you for your assistance providing me with Jose.”, Kevin Graff, iv.com, USA, Sept 2018

Kevin Graff

Producer, Invision

It was a last minute decision to hire a crew at Barcelona and till date I have absolutely no regrets hiring Markus and his team to organise a 3 day shoot for us in Spain. These guys are seasoned professionals who know how to deliver quality. My very best to Bonitaworld for all their future endeavors and many thanks to Markus for being such a nice host and a thorough professional. Contact: please ask for email

Executive Producer Mike Harvey

La Liga , ESPN

…he was exactly the kind of LM we needed, so thank you very much!! And you guys were great – Barcelona was one of our easiest and most productive shoots. You had a big part to play in that 🙂 … Hope to work with you again soon 🙂

Production and Channel Manager Madeleine

Corporative, Holiday Extra

“Markus and his team at Bonitaworld are an absolute pleasure to work with. Super friendly, professional and resourceful. Markus is wonderfully reliable, efficient and consistently offering cost-effective solutions to various challenges with his top team.” Jhonny Zurita, Producer, littledotstudios.com, 2015/16/17/18

Jhonny Zurita

Executive Producer, Littledot Studios

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