10 Professional Tips for Taking Great Pictures

10 Professional Tips for Taking Great Pictures

People of all the ages have art and aficction for photography . To take a beautiful photo is not only necessary to own a great team, but also it is important to know the best techniques to take them, so today Bonitaworld Media Production gives you some tips to get the best pictures.

1.- Patience: One of the trends that has generated digital photography is the desire to take photos constantly, but in this way you will only achieve a great flow of photos of poor quality. It is important to wait for the perfect catch and take your time to analyze the mistakes you make.

2.- Flexibility: You will not always have perfect conditions to photograph, as in the case of sunset where colors and lights change quickly. You need to be flexible and adapt the camera settings to changes of light. Whenever you take photos make sure you do not always take with the same perspective, but vary even slightly the position or settings of the camera.

3.- Know and handle the adjustments of your equipment: This is essential to get great results in a short time. Controlling the opening of the diaphragm, the shutter time … is more than theory, you need to know your camera and practice with it. The main adjustments you should know are the focus, depth of field and exposure.

4.- Learning to choose the right lens: Not all objectives serve all possible situations in which you can encounter a camera, so it is crucial to know how to choose them. In scenes with low light are better fixed optics, in space photography is better to use a wide angle and to capture distant objects is better the telephoto.

5.- Always carry spare batteries and memory cards : A rule of thumb, since running out of battery or card space in a session is unforgivable. It is important that before you go out think about what you should carry, and consider making a backup of the hard drive by the doubts.

6.- Using the tripod: This element is key to low light photography. The tripod improves the stability of the camera, improves the sharpness of the images and the focus in times of long exposure. The remote shutter is a good idea to prevent the camera from moving when you press the button.

7.- Be creative: The “eye of the photographer” is essential, to try different angles and perspectives when you have a camera with flip-down screen is ideal. Do not be afraid to photograph in bright light spaces because you can get great results, and finally preview the place to get different or creative perspectives.

8.- Look for simplicity in your composition: Sometimes you want to be so faithful to reality that you include too many objects and generate the opposite effect. Try to be simple, that’s always a wise move. The landscapes must be simple and respect the horizon line and if you accompany it with an object in the foreground, the better.

9.- Approach the subjects: When photographing people, get close to them. Not only is it a good portrait, but you can also absorb the reality of the place and generate shocking situations in photography. This way you will better capture their personality and tell a unique story.

10) Never give up: Taking pictures is very difficult because you must consider many variables, but it is not impossible. If you persist and learn from your own mistakes you will improve greatly. Review the results and discover the problems in composition and stories. You never know where your hobby can take you.

From now onwards you have no longer any excuses to practice photography, he assured that you will love capturing unforgettable moments that you will enjoy watching with family or friends.

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