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10 Digital Media and Marketing Predictions for 2017

As 2016 comes to a close Strategy Analytics thoughts begin to turn towards the coming year. In a new report “Top Ten Digital Media Predictions for 2017,” Strategy Analytics Digital Media Strategies (DMS) service highlights the trends and events that will shape OTT video, digital advertising and VR in 2017. As a result of the proliferation of broadband and connected devices consumers have more choices than ever in how, when, and where they connect with music, games and video. As consumer adoption of online alternatives grows the degree of disruption felt by traditional distribution models is accelerating. Top Ten Digital Media Predictions for 2017 Brands will re-evaluate the importance of reach. Beginning with the upfront, television advertising in the U.S. will start to be bought and sold based upon Total Audience Ratings. Digital video will account for a larger part of ad spend. Global digital video ad spend will surpass $20 billion in 2017, accounting for 18% of global digital ad spend. While OTT video will garner the hype, traditional television will reap the rewards. In 2017, television revenues (subscription + advertising) will account for 88% of the $192.7B television and OTT video market in the U.S. Twitter will be sold. Programmatic advertising will become mainstream in Western Europe as digital display programmatic ad spend accounts for nearly half of digital display ad revenue in 2017. Live video, especially live video via social networks, will gain a significant audience. Driven by the steady growth of SVOD and OTT video ad revenue, global OTT video revenue will surpass $50 billion ($50.33 billion) in 2017. Virtual MPVDs will be hot. Project...

Cloud-based broadcasting, the future of TV?

Amagi Media Labs founders Baskar Subramanian, Srinivasan K. A. and Srividhya S.—the three engineer-entrepreneurs—have yet to find time to celebrate the new investment in their media tech firm. On 15 December, Emerald Media—the pan-Asian platform established by global investment firm KKR & Co. for investing in the media and entertainment sector—announced that the company was acquiring a significant minority stake in Amagi, which works in the space of targeted television advertising and cloud-based TV broadcast infrastructure. Premji Invest, the investment arm of Azim Premji (an existing shareholder), also participated in this combination of primary and secondary $35 million Series D round. (Mayfield India and Nadathur Holdings continue to remain invested in the company.) What attracted Emerald Media to Amagi was primarily its cloud-based broadcasting technology that the KKR company’s managing director Rajesh Kamat thinks is “transformational”. According to Subramanian, cloud-based services virtualize the whole broadcasting operation. Currently, the company is delivering channels in 25 countries through such a platform. For instance, the Bollywood film and music channel B4U sits on an Amagi platform in London where its scheduling is done, while its content is pushed from Mumbai. The channel beams into India, the UK, Canada and Singapore even as it is monitored in Bengaluru. “We are what is between the broadcaster and the operator—we replace the optic fibre or satellite. The broadcast service is delivered through an Internet cloud. It is completely virtual,” he says. A virtual platform, as is self-explanatory, requires no physical infrastructure. It took Amagi two years to prototype the software-based system before launching it two years ago. Currently, the company manages 50 channels globally, including...

8 quick tips to make yourself a better photographer

The latest video from photographer Troy Nikolic does just that. Aptly titled “8 Simple Tips for Being a Better Photographer,” the video walks through a handful of helpful tips for stepping up your photo game and keeping your work consistent. You can see on For those who can’t watch the video (let’s be honest, you’re probably reading this at work), we’ve rounded up and paraphrased the tips below. As always, these are tips and basic guidelines; there are exceptions to all rules in photography, these included. Don’t over-process your images — Adding too much saturation or too much contrast can make the image appear fake and overall unappealing; simplicity goes a long way. Straighten your photos — Use horizons and other lines in images as guidelines for keeping everything upright. Most photo editing software nowadays includes automated straightening tools, which makes doing this easier than ever. Hold your camera still — Keep your camera close to your body and securely hold it with two hands. This will help a great deal in situations where you’re shooting at slower shutter speeds. Use even lighting — Even lighting, especially in portraits, helps to keep the subject as the focus of the image without distracting over-or-underexposed elements in the foreground or background. Focus on composition — Learn the “rule of thirds” and get outside your comfort zone. Crouch down, stand up on a chair, frame your subject inside a window or object to add an interesting element and context. Understand the limits of your equipment — At some point in your photo work, you’ll come across a certain lighting situation that proves...

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